5 Card Stud Help

One of the original types of poker, the game of 5 Card Stud has become largely extinct in the poker world (including at online poker rooms,) with Seven Card Stud a more popular alternative for most players.

It's a very simple game, arguably much too simple to keep players interested. With only one down card there is little suspense as to what other players hold, bluffing can only go so far, and good hands are easily seen by your opponents for an easy fold.

That said, it does have its charm, and there are still a few places where Five Card Stud is played.

The Game:

A game of 5 Card Stud is played out as follows:
  • All the players ante up before the deal (the amount of the ante varies depending on the table limits).
  • All players are dealt two cards, one card face down (the 'hole' card) and one card face up.
  • Bets are placed, starting with the player showing the highest valued card.
  • Each player receives another card, face up.
  • There is another round of betting.
  • Each player receives another card, face up.
  • More betting, but now the minimum is doubled.
  • Each player receives their last card, face up.
  • The final bets are placed.

After the final betting round remaining players show their complete hand, with the last person to raise showing their cards first. The person with the highest regular poker hand wins the pot.

Betting Note: 5-Card Stud is different from Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker in that the player with the highest ranking face up hand bets first for that round. The betting then goes clockwise around the table, but the initial bettor for each round may vary as the best hand showing moves around the table.